I came across this site a number of months ago and I have to say I have found it invaluable when I am researching locations for operations, and so I wanted to share it far and wide. I use this when planning all my flights, but it is particularly helpful when I am taking property photographs or videos and I need to know at what times of the day the sun falls on different facades of a building.

Basically you can choose any place in the world (it uses Google maps) and then input a date and time and Suncalc shows you from where the sun will be shining and how long the shadows will be. If you want to test it out I would recommend putting it on satellite view. Suncalc will give you geo data for any spot on the earth too!

If you are a house or holiday cottage hunter SunCalc could help you work out when gardens or patios are likely to be in the shade! I am sure that estate agents, garden designers and landscape photographers could all benefit from knowing about the site, and that SunCalc would be useful for many other different categories of people, so please pass this on to anyone you know who may benefit.

I promise you I am not sponsored by SunCalc, I am just trying to be helpful!




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