I make no apology for creating another “photosphere” above the wonderful Birkrigg Common. Do please share this with anyone who you think will enjoy it. If you have not seen my other works please have a look around the rest of Aerial Artwork’s Round.Me gallery HERE

It was a beautiful morning last Saturday so I found a quiet spot in the south-west corner of the common to capture the photographs for this new creation. For those who do not know the area, this is not so far from Urswick which, if you search for it within the view, is the village nestled around a large tarn. Behind Urswick you can see a number of wind turbines in the distance, and a little to the right of these you might be able to spot a single mast which is where they are currently replacing some older smaller turbines on Harlock Hill with some much more powerful turbines.

To create a successful 360° photograph requires 20 sets of bracketed photos, which are then processed through four different software applications. Some steps are automated but a lot of the tonal and colour corrections have to be done manually before it is ready to be uploaded to Round.Me.

Birkrigg Common – 360° Photograph on Aerial Artwork’s Round.Me Gallery


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