Recently I have collaborated on creating an aerial film of a Lakeland Trails fell run, photographed an area of land on offer for development for a local estate agent, and photographed the slate roof of a traditional cottage to analyse the repair work required.

I am due next week to record the transformation of a wetland area with before and after shots, and give a talk to media students at the University of Cumbria about working as an aerial photographer. Once leaves start appearing on the trees I have some hotels and guest houses to produce photographs and videos for.

All the while I continue to produce my own work in the form of short videos, 360° photographs and photographs including panosquares, that feature a wide panoramic view both horizontally and vertically.

My latest 360° photograph was slightly different in that it was taken from the mast at a height of about 4 metres, under a canopy of trees. This creates a really interesting view directly upwards which is a great addition to the all round view. Bow Bridge can be viewed and interacted with at this link or by clicking on the picture above:

360° Photograph of Bow Bridge at Aerial Artwork’s Round.Me Gallery


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