Agriculture: Aerial views of farm shows, land layouts or crops.
Advertising, Marketing & Media Companies: Aerial views of events for brochure, flyer or TV advertising.
Airports: Aerial views of aircraft, for repair or maintenance
Archaeological Site Surveys: Aerial views for archaeological digs & excavations
Architects & Structural Engineers: Aerial views of proposed sites or during construction
Auctioneers & Valuers: Aerial views of property for auction or rating values
Building, Development, Construction & Survey Companies: Aerial views of acquired land or developments, aerial view taken regularly for time lapse phase
Cable Routing: Aerial views of proposed cable routes
Caravan Parks: Aerial views of parks, surrounds & facilities
Conservation, Nature & Wildlife: Aerial views of nature parks, conservation, sanctuaries or wildlife parks
Corporate Events: Aerial views of corporate shows or events
Estate Agents, Residential & Commercial: Aerial views of properties to enhance sales impact within brochures or web elements
Field Study: Aerial time laps views taken regularly highlighting changing seasons
Garden Centres: Aerial views of sales areas or nursery layouts
Golf Clubs: Aerial views of golf course holes & facilities
Hotel Chains & Pubs: Aerial views of hotels or pubs for web, photo frame, or media advertising
Indoor & Outdoor events: Aerial views of car, agricultural, steam rallies & model association events
Insurance Companies: Aerial views of property or location damage or devastation
Landscape Designers: Aerial before & after view of landscaped garden projects
Local Authorities: Aerial views of locations, planning disputes or new developments
Map Makers: Aerial views of road layouts to assist in map production
Marinas: Aerial views of marinas or docks for vessel placement.
News Agencies: Aerial views of major news events of public interest
Outdoor Summer Events & Festivals: Aerial views of concerts, shows & displays
Police Authorities: Crime Scenes Aerial views of crime scenes, road traffic accidents & incidents.
Private Commissions: Aerial views of properties as gifts for friends or relatives
Production Companies: Television Shows Aerial views to be used for TV advertising or news events
Railways: Aerial views of station surrounds, platform or facilities
Roofing companies & Building Surveys: Aerial views and surveys of roofs & chimneys
Schools, Colleges & Sporting Events: Aerial views of functions, events or outdoor activities
Solicitors & Lawyers: Aerial views of property boundary lines for border disputes
Surveillance: Aerial views of temporary security threats
Theme Parks: Aerial views of theme parks & rides
Tourist Attractions & Historic Buildings: Aerial views of tourist attractions for web, brochures or media advertising
Traffic & Road Surveys: Aerial views of accident black spots & traffic situations
Water Authorities: Aerial views of treatment plants or site excavations
Weddings: Aerial views of the wedding, people or location