“Flight” was a moving theatrical performance that took place at Brockhole, the Lake District Visitor Centre, from 7th – 10th July 2016. It was created as part of the nationwide 14-18 NOW celebrations. In the video below, Artistic Director Geraldine Pilgrim explains her ideas for the work.

My contribution was to take a very large aerial photograph, which was enlarged and printed 4 metres by 2 metres onto vinyl and displayed on the floor at the entrance to the promenade performance. The audience had to walk over the aerial photograph and through a kind of sky box to get out onto the terrace where the performance began.

When we went along to the performance, it was windy and raining heavily; but I felt the bleak weather may well have contributed to the melancholy atmosphere and sense of despair in the tableaux and actions that the audience experienced as they were led around the stunning grounds. It was a thought provoking evening, unlike any other event I have ever attended, and gratifying to think I had contributed in a small way to the experience.

The image that was used in the performance was generated from the 360° photograph below, which was taken from 120 metres above Brockhole.

Aerial Artwork gave us excellent service.  At short notice and with the minimum of fuss they produced exactly the image we wanted.

Image from the promenade performance of Flight
Image from the promenade performance of Flight

The large photograph is now on display at the entrance to the cafe at Brockhole for everyone to enjoy, and I think it looks splendid! If you look really, really closely I am actually in the photograph on the terrace…….


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