I took some aerial photographs from above Heversham Hotel (formerly The Blue Bell Inn) earlier this year for the owners, Samuel Smith’s Brewery, while it was being renovated. There is a link on the hevershamhotel.co.uk website to the 360° photograph I created below:

One of the photographs from above the hotel looking out to Morecambe Bay was then recreated in paint by artist Gabrielle Slater, to be used as the new pub sign. Now the hotel is open and ready for business, the sign has been erected and I am delighted with the result. I would be very interested to know if any other aerial photographers have had their photographs used to create a pub sign!


Aerial Artwork were very interested in our hotel restoration project and researched the topology of the site well in advance of the photoshoot. The Cumbrian weather behaved on the day and Colin was very enthusiastic in showing us how the heli-cam worked. The resulting digital images were very sharp and bright. We used them on our hotel website together with one imagine being copied by a traditional sign painter for the hotel sign. The zoomable detail on the 360° image is incredible.


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