At the time I was working on this film, it was undoubtedly the most challenging project to date, but one that I relished working on. The film combines aerial filming and regular videography, and was produced with Sarah Kay Photography. I am extremely grateful to Sarah for providing this opportunity to create work for James Cropper Paper. James Cropper is based at Burneside, north of Kendal and has a long tradition of paper-making dating back to 1845. However, James Cropper PLC is now also a global leader in the realm of Moulded 3D and Technical Fibre Products. I hope this film captures something of this combination of tradition and innovation, set against the river and water on which the mill developed and the importance of sustainability to James Cropper today. Everyone at James Cropper was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process of making this, which made for such an enriching experience! I hope you enjoy the finished film as much as we enjoyed making it. I know that it has been very well used by James Cropper.


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