Annabelle Kennedy, Natural Heritage Officer at Morecambe Bay Partnership, originally contacted me in April 2016. Annabelle had recently created a new wetland site alongside the Gilpin River and wished to have aerial photographs taken over a period of time to show the progress of the area. Later that month I took photographs from above where the marks of the earth movers were still visible.

In June a valve was installed which meant the site would gradually fill up with water from the River Gilpin at high tides to create the new wetland. In January 2017 I returned, in sunnier weather conditions, to capture the dramatic transformation from the air. Below you can see the pairs of before and after photographs, plus before and after 360° photographs. Below them, there is a link to a fantastic website where you can switch between these two 360° views and directly explore the location.

A big thank you to Annabelle and Morecambe Bay Partnership for asking me to be involved. I am hoping there will be an opportunity to return again to record the site when it has been even further reclaimed by nature!


January 2017

April 2016

Gilpin River Wetland Area – Website Link


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