New film created in May 2017

Original film created September 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday at Ross Bay Retreat Self-Catering Holiday Cottages in August 2015. Ross Bay is a beautiful part of Scotland and these wonderful cottages are right on the coast, with amazing sea views from the balconies. It was a great experience to be able to record the stunning coast and countryside and produce an aerial video and photographs for the owners to use on their website and social media.

Can I recommend that you visit their website at, or their Facebook page at where you be able to see more of what makes Ross Bay a truly special place.

My family and I have two self catering cottages on our working farm in Kirkcudbrightshire, South West Scotland. We have our own website with professional photographs of the cottages and the farm; however, aerial photography and videos have taken things one step further. Colin prepared a short video and some amazing photographs for us so that our guests could really see where they would be holidaying! The short film really captures the beauty of the stunning coastal scenery and farmland at Ross from above.
We feel the experience of being able to see as far as the eye can see can be appreciated by the aerial footage. Colin was knowledgeable and approachable in preparing and editing the footage to a video which we enjoy watching repeatedly. To top things off, he chose some great relaxing background music. We are extremely pleased with this new addition to our website. Thank you, Colin – we would highly recommend.


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