I like the fact that I have been asked to do so many different kinds of job since starting my Aerial Artwork business. Earlier in the summer, I was given the challenge by Willerby Holiday Homes to recreate a photograph they commissioned 10 years ago. In 2006, a photograph was taken at Holgates’s Far Arnside Holiday Park of Willerby’s New Hampshire lodge. Ten years on, they were siting their latest lodge in the exact same place,and wanted a new photograph to match as closely as possible. A crane had apparently been used a decade ago, but this time I used my drone to get into the same position. I will let you judge how well I matched it! Above are the photographs and the page from their magazine featuring the article, and below is a testimonial from Willerby Homes Marketing Director, Kirsten Bolton:

We needed to find a solution to recreate an iconic aerial photo that was taken 10 years ago – then by traditional camera and a crane. Things have moved on in technology so I looked online for a solution and found Colin and his drone. Colin was a joy to work with. You could tell he cared about his work and, when I met him on the day of the shoot, this was borne out in his absolute professionalism and obvious passion for photography. Through meticulous care, Colin was able to recreate the photo we needed and I’m absolutely delighted with the finished shot. It makes a good story too! Who knows what technology will be around in another ten years time, but I know who I’ll call!


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