Here is my latest completed video, produced for the Rotary Club of Furness, to promote this fantastic charity event that they organise each year. The weather was wet and windy early in the morning, but this did not deter hundreds of dedicated cyclists from taking part. They were rewarded with much better weather later in the day.

Fantastic sums of money were raised for many good causes including St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston.

If you are interested in taking part next year or getting involved with the Rotary Club of Furness then please follow the links below the video on YouTube.


Fourth Year!

I am delighted to report that the CAA accepted my re-application and I was granted my fourth Permission for Commercial Operation. My CAA number is 1281. On September 11th I started my fourth year of providing high quality aerial photography and filmmaking. I have added the DJI Mavic Pro drone to my “fleet”!

I have recently finished work for Sam Smiths Breweries, a local school and Cumbria Wildlife Trust. There are five other projects I am currently involved in at various stages: three for environmental groups, one charity and one global business!

Foulshaw Moss – the Ospreys are coming!

The ospreys are expected to return to Foulshaw Moss in South Cumbria again this year, and are actually due any day now! Angela Simpson of Cumbria Wildlife Trust approached me about producing an aerial video to raise awareness of this imminent event, and we came up with the idea of an osprey’s eye view as it returns to Foulshaw Moss across Morecambe Bay and flies around to familiarise itself with its territory before landing on the nest. Visits to three different areas of the Nature Reserve were required, including a warden-accompanied visit to the nest itself, from which to piece together the film. It was a great little project to be involved in, with some slightly different challenges to other videos I have created. If you visit the Cumbria Wildlife Trust website the video is on their home page and there is a link to the osprey webcam, so you can sit patiently watching the screen and wait for them to arrive!

Foulshaw Moss is a fantastic nature reserve and easy to visit as it is immediately off the A590. If you have not visited before I would certainly recommend it. I definitely plan to revisit once the reserve’s celebrities have flown in from Africa!


If Instagram is your preference when it comes to social media and you enjoy my photographs, then you may be interested to know that I have started posting a picture every day on Instagram at, you’ve guessed it – aerialartwork

I have always been drawn to the square format so in many ways the Instagram platform makes a lot of sense for my work. I do like the way you can view the pictures as a grid as well as individually! I’ve only just started but I am pleased with the response I have received so far.


Permission for Commercial Operation

I am delighted to report that the CAA has approved and renewed my Permission for Commercial Operation for a third year through to September 2018. My CAA ID number is 1281. I am looking forward to receiving requests for visual promotion work from new and existing clients. Please view my work and read my testimonials and if you are impressed please get in touch for a no-obligation estimate. It may well be a lot cheaper than you think!

Morecambe by air – Update

So the number of views on Facebook has just reached 40,000, with 661 shares and 246 likes. This has taken just 6 days. The YouTube video has been seen 530 times. The press release has led to a number of websites featuring the video in their news. Morecambe is certainly a much-loved, unique and special place and I am looking forward to being challenged to promote other places. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss what might be possible for you!