Foulshaw Moss – the Ospreys are coming!

The ospreys are expected to return to Foulshaw Moss in South Cumbria again this year, and are actually due any day now! Angela Simpson of Cumbria Wildlife Trust approached me about producing an aerial video to raise awareness of this imminent event, and we came up with the idea of an osprey’s eye view as it returns to Foulshaw Moss across Morecambe Bay and flies around to familiarise itself with its territory before landing on the nest. Visits to three different areas of the Nature Reserve were required, including a warden-accompanied visit to the nest itself, from which to piece together the film. It was a great little project to be involved in, with some slightly different challenges to other videos I have created. If you visit the Cumbria Wildlife Trust website the video is on their home page and there is a link to the osprey webcam, so you can sit patiently watching the screen and wait for them to arrive!

Foulshaw Moss is a fantastic nature reserve and easy to visit as it is immediately off the A590. If you have not visited before I would certainly recommend it. I definitely plan to revisit once the reserve’s celebrities have flown in from Africa!




May I invite you to visit my recently upgraded website! I am so pleased with the beautiful clean layout, and I have worked hard to make it as easy as possible to navigate. The new site features direct links to all my most successful projects, and the many testimonials from satisfied clients. If you are looking for aerial photography or video for your business, please get in touch if you like what you see here. I operate my drone for filmmaking and photography throughout Cumbria, the Lake District and the North West.

BAE Systems’ new Resolution Building

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Here is a slide show of some photographs I took for Wates Construction of the new Resolution Building built for BAE on the Ramsden Dock Road in Barrow-in-Furness. They were taken in September, just prior to BAE taking possession of the store. Below is a link to an article featuring one of my photographs.

Stunning property for sale

It is always very enjoyable to be asked by estate agents to photograph impressive properties in stunning locations. Being able to get a little way above the property it is possible to give a clear and enticing view of both the layout of the property and grounds, and its location within the local environment. This property on a hillside not far from Ulverston has views towards both Morecambe Bay and the mountains of the Lake District and hopefully these photographs are encouraging potential buyers to go and have a closer look at what this home and separate holiday cottage has to offer. You can see more HERE

Morecambe Bay Partnership Wetland Site

A recent task I was given was to take a number photographs prior to a wetland area being created by Morecambe Bay Partnership. Once the Water Control System has been fitted I will be back to take photographs of the resulting environment, to allow a before and after comparison. While the drone was in the air I also created a 360° aerial “photosphere” from above the site that can be viewed here:


Lakeland Trails – Cartmel 2016

It was a great experience to work in close collaboration with Simon Handley from Skylark Aerial Photography at the weekend to produce some aerial video of the most recent Lakeland Trails event at Cartmel Racecourse. There were various 10k, 18k and kids runs and you can see the short video I edited that is on Lakeland Trail’s YouTube channel. The weather was okay, and the scenery from up on the fells was stunning and enjoyed by all.

Round.Me Gallery

My 360° photographs have now received 414 views on Round.Me, which is very gratifying, so thank you to everyone who has visited.

It was only after posting the most recent “Sunset, Biggar Bank. Walney” that I became aware that the link to my 360° gallery, where there are now 13 “Photospheres” ready to view, is very discreet (in the bottom right corner).

So, if you have enjoyed some of these, but don’t think you have seen all 13, I would be delighted if you could find the time to explore some of the others by clicking on the image above!

Stunning 360° Aerial Photograph above Torver Common

I think this is my favourite photosphere yet. The weather conditions and location made sure of that. There is plenty to explore in every direction, and I particularly like the view directly down to the tarn below. I did make an error and left a small gap between two photographs which I have had to correct. I wondered if anyone will be able to find it?

Torver Common – 360° Photograph on Aerial Artwork’s Round.Me Gallery

Latest 360° Aerial Photograph above Birkrigg Common

I make no apology for creating another “photosphere” above the wonderful Birkrigg Common. Do please share this with anyone who you think will enjoy it. If you have not seen my other works please have a look around the rest of Aerial Artwork’s Round.Me gallery HERE

It was a beautiful morning last Saturday so I found a quiet spot in the south-west corner of the common to capture the photographs for this new creation. For those who do not know the area, this is not so far from Urswick which, if you search for it within the view, is the village nestled around a large tarn. Behind Urswick you can see a number of wind turbines in the distance, and a little to the right of these you might be able to spot a single mast which is where they are currently replacing some older smaller turbines on Harlock Hill with some much more powerful turbines.

To create a successful 360° photograph requires 20 sets of bracketed photos, which are then processed through four different software applications. Some steps are automated but a lot of the tonal and colour corrections have to be done manually before it is ready to be uploaded to Round.Me.

Birkrigg Common – 360° Photograph on Aerial Artwork’s Round.Me Gallery