Foulshaw Moss – the Ospreys are coming!

The ospreys are expected to return to Foulshaw Moss in South Cumbria again this year, and are actually due any day now! Angela Simpson of Cumbria Wildlife Trust approached me about producing an aerial video to raise awareness of this imminent event, and we came up with the idea of an osprey’s eye view as it returns to Foulshaw Moss across Morecambe Bay and flies around to familiarise itself with its territory before landing on the nest. Visits to three different areas of the Nature Reserve were required, including a warden-accompanied visit to the nest itself, from which to piece together the film. It was a great little project to be involved in, with some slightly different challenges to other videos I have created. If you visit the Cumbria Wildlife Trust website the video is on their home page and there is a link to the osprey webcam, so you can sit patiently watching the screen and wait for them to arrive!

Foulshaw Moss is a fantastic nature reserve and easy to visit as it is immediately off the A590. If you have not visited before I would certainly recommend it. I definitely plan to revisit once the reserve’s celebrities have flown in from Africa!


“One For Sorrow…” Fort Walney War Memorial

Stuart Bastik and Maddi Nicholson of Art Gene commissioned Aerial Artwork to produce a film to document their impressive and newly installed war memorial “One For Sorrow…” at North Walney. The challenge to capture the mood and unique location of the work was one to which I really enjoyed responding. I know Stuart and Maddi are pleased with the end result and I hope you enjoy it too. Although it takes a little longer to load up I would recommend watching it in 1080p (Full HD).

I would urge you to read all about the artwork on the Art Gene website by clicking on the link in red here:

One For Sorrow…

and you can read all about the different elements of the extensive Heritage Lottery funded “Fort Walney, Uncovered” project by clicking on the blue link here:

Fort Walney Uncovered

Lake Coast and Dale Leisure, Carnforth


In August Lake Coast and Dale Leisure contacted me about providing them with aerial photographs and an aerial video of their site just north of Carnforth to be used to publicise their static holiday home business. Despite the close proximity of road and rail, I was able to safely acquire the photographs and video footage I needed, and in addition to a collection of photographs I was able to create a longer video, and a shorter video to use on social media. I am pleased to say they were more than happy with the results.


Cumbria Kart Racing Club, Rowrah

This promotional video I completed for Cumbria Kart Racing Club was immediately uploaded to their Facebook page this afternoon and after just 6 hours it has had 4.1K views so it seems to be having the desired effect!

A big thank you to Malcolm Fell for trusting me with this project. It was an exciting challenge to create something more dynamic than many of the other videos I have recently created, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Tony Roberts Carpets Direct Ltd – Outset Pictures

Earlier this year I contributed the aerial video sequences for this promotional video produced by Outset Pictures for Tony Roberts Carpets Direct Ltd based up at Whitehaven. It is hard to tell but it was quite a blustery day! A big thank you to Outset Pictures for offering me the work. I think they have done a great job putting the final video together.


An army of dedicated volunteers braved the elements to help clear more bracken on Birkrigg Common yesterday (Tuesday 27th September) from the site of a bronze age enclosure. Organised by Louise Martin, the Cultural Heritage Officer at Morecambe Bay Partnership, the hardworking participants were then deservedly rewarded with coffee and cake at the Cash House Cafe and Bistro at Ford Park. The weather was quite challenging in the morning but everyone persevered and I enjoyed putting this short video together of the fantastic achievements of everyone involved!

New Z3 camera

The latest addition to my equipment is DJI’s seriously impressive new Z3 camera, which offers a 3x zoom capability. Whilst that’s nowhere near good enough to spy on people (honest!) it will allow me to zoom in on property when access dictates I have to take off and capture imagery from further away. I am looking forward to putting it through it’s paces.

Shaving Foam Pie Fight Guinness World Record Attempt

It was great to be given the responsibility for officially recording this Guinness World Record attempt for the most number of people in a shaving foam pie fight! This was part of Another Fine Fest at Ford Park, Ulverston on Saturday 18th June 2016. 1187 joined in which, as long as the evidence is accepted, has splattered the record! My video footage found it’s way onto the ITV news website here and the BBC North West Tonight Facebook page here. It was also used on both their TV news bulletins in the evening! I have passed the required panoramic photographs and one minute of official video to the organisers so hopefully it won’t be long before the record is official ! Well done to all the many people involved in making it happen.

New Property Showreel

I have put together a showreel featuring some of the properties I have had the pleasure of photographing and videoing in recent weeks. If you have a property in the North West that you are looking to promote, or simply record for posterity, then the weather conditions and the summer season really make now the ideal time to act.  So please get in touch with me to discuss your ideas or requirements. You can phone me on 07590563058, email me on, or fill out the contact form on this website. I look forward to hearing from you!

St Mary’s Hospice

Students Georgia and Hayley on the Creative Media Production course at Furness College approached me about providing them with some aerial footage for a video project they are working on for St Mary’s Hospice. I was only too happy to oblige. The students gained valuable experience pitching their ideas to the hospice and liaising with Aerial Artwork to make it all happen. The project links to Ford Park and so they also organised permission for me to take off and land in Ford Park itself. Georgia and Hayley will be using the footage within their videos over the coming weeks but here are some stills from the shoot to give a flavour of what was captured. It was a lot of fun.