Foulshaw Moss – the Ospreys are coming!

The ospreys are expected to return to Foulshaw Moss in South Cumbria again this year, and are actually due any day now! Angela Simpson of Cumbria Wildlife Trust approached me about producing an aerial video to raise awareness of this imminent event, and we came up with the idea of an osprey’s eye view as it returns to Foulshaw Moss across Morecambe Bay and flies around to familiarise itself with its territory before landing on the nest. Visits to three different areas of the Nature Reserve were required, including a warden-accompanied visit to the nest itself, from which to piece together the film. It was a great little project to be involved in, with some slightly different challenges to other videos I have created. If you visit the Cumbria Wildlife Trust website the video is on their home page and there is a link to the osprey webcam, so you can sit patiently watching the screen and wait for them to arrive!

Foulshaw Moss is a fantastic nature reserve and easy to visit as it is immediately off the A590. If you have not visited before I would certainly recommend it. I definitely plan to revisit once the reserve’s celebrities have flown in from Africa!



This is my most recently completed project, and again it is a film combining aerial and regular video. It was commissioned by John O’Neill for Morecambe BID (Business Improvement District) and the video can be viewed above. The film was posted on Facebook yesterday and I am amazed that 24 hours later it had been viewed 15,491 times, shared 304 times, with 28 comments and 118 likes. I was really bowled over by so many of the positive comments about both Morecambe and my film (there are lots more comments on the shares) and I really hope Morecambe BID are pleased with the response. There is a 30 second version over on Twitter (@MorecambeBID) and I took lots of aerial photographs too, so when I get a moment I will put everything together within my projects page in the gallery. I will also provide an update on the Facebook response later in the week.


I took some aerial photographs from above Heversham Hotel (formerly The Blue Bell Inn) earlier this year for the owners Samuel Smith’s Brewery while it was being renovated. There is a link on the website to the 360° photograph I created and you can view it here:


One of the photographs from above the hotel looking out to Morecambe Bay was then recreated in paint by artist Gabrielle Slater to be used as the new pub sign. Now the hotel is open and ready for business the sign has been erected and I am delighted with the result which I post above. I would be very interested to know if any other aerial photography businesses have had their photographs used to create a pub sign!


An army of dedicated volunteers braved the elements to help clear more bracken on Birkrigg Common yesterday (Tuesday 27th September) from the site of a bronze age enclosure. Organised by Louise Martin, the Cultural Heritage Officer at Morecambe Bay Partnership, the hardworking participants were then deservedly rewarded with coffee and cake at the Cash House Cafe and Bistro at Ford Park. The weather was quite challenging in the morning but everyone persevered and I enjoyed putting this short video together of the fantastic achievements of everyone involved!

Willerby Holiday Homes & Lodges

I like the fact that I have been asked to do so many different kinds of job since starting my Aerial Artwork business. Earlier in the summer I was given the challenge by Willerby to recreate a photograph from 10 years back. In 2006 a photograph was taken at Holgates’s Far Arnside Holiday Park of Willerby’s newest lodge. Ten years on they were siting their latest lodge in the exact same place, and wanted a photograph to match as closely as possible. A crane had apparently been used a decade ago but this time I used my drone to get into the same position. I will let you judge how well I matched it. Below are the photographs and the page from their magazine featuring the article.

Morecambe Bay Partnership Wetland Site

A recent task I was given was to take a number photographs prior to a wetland area being created by Morecambe Bay Partnership. Once the Water Control System has been fitted I will be back to take photographs of the resulting environment, to allow a before and after comparison. While the drone was in the air I also created a 360° aerial “photosphere” from above the site that can be viewed here:


1000 visitors to website!

Watching your website stats can get a bit obsessive. Social media experts encourage you to look for trends to help you work out the most popular type of content, the best time to post, the most effective pages etc. I try not to get sucked into spending too much time analysing it all, but one stat I did notice that I wanted to share.

My website has just had its 1000th unique visitor yesterday! I do not know who it was, but for all of you out there who have been kind enough to have a look around my website and contribute to that total, thank you very much. I wonder how long it will take to get to the 2000th visitor….?

Busy times ahead

Despite the recent poor weather, over the last few weeks it has been great to have received a number of requests for aerial work. There are some exciting jobs I am really looking forward to doing. I enjoy the challenge of trying to produce the very highest quality work for every client.  If you are interested in using my services, and particularly if you have a deadline, can I encourage you to contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss your requirements and I book you in? I really do not want to disappoint anyone who is looking for aerial photographs and videos, and particularly if the work required is for promotional purposes for this year. Along with everyone else I am really hoping that the lovely weather we had today is a sign of things to come. It was great to get back to flying this morning and capturing the beautiful Cumbrian landscape.