Whitehaven Golf Club

I have just completed and uploaded a project for Whitehaven Golf Club which involved filming on three days to create flyover videos of all 18 holes, plus the production of a promotional film of the facilities at the club. Above you will find a playlist that includes all 19 films. A big thank you to Andrew Morton and the others who provided help and support during my visits.



This is my most recently completed project, and again it is a film combining aerial and regular video. It was commissioned by John O’Neill for Morecambe BID (Business Improvement District) and the video can be viewed above. The film was posted on Facebook yesterday and I am amazed that 24 hours later it had been viewed 15,491 times, shared 304 times, with 28 comments and 118 likes. I was really bowled over by so many of the positive comments about both Morecambe and my film (there are lots more comments on the shares) and I really hope Morecambe BID are pleased with the response. There is a 30 second version over on Twitter (@MorecambeBID) and I took lots of aerial photographs too, so when I get a moment I will put everything together within my projects page in the gallery. I will also provide an update on the Facebook response later in the week.

ITV Aerial Video Work

It was great to have my services requested by ITV this week. Yesterday I went to a well known local tourist attraction to capture some footage for a piece that was being created for This Morning. I was due to also do a little aerial filming of a certain celebrity but unfortunately he called in sick on the day! When I know when it is going to be used and aired on TV I will post details.

Cumbria Kart Racing Club, Rowrah

This promotional video I completed for Cumbria Kart Racing Club was immediately uploaded to their Facebook page this afternoon and after just 6 hours it has had 4.1K views so it seems to be having the desired effect!

A big thank you to Malcolm Fell for trusting me with this project. It was an exciting challenge to create something more dynamic than many of the other videos I have recently created, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Tony Roberts Carpets Direct Ltd – Outset Pictures

Earlier this year I contributed the aerial video sequences for this promotional video produced by Outset Pictures for Tony Roberts Carpets Direct Ltd based up at Whitehaven. It is hard to tell but it was quite a blustery day! A big thank you to Outset Pictures for offering me the work. I think they have done a great job putting the final video together.

Aerial filming for businesses

I read recently about some research that concluded that “video increases your chance of a Google first page search result by over 50 times” and that “customers are 4 times more likely to engage with your business when a short film is available on your website”.

The aerial property videos I have created up until now have been of houses and cottages, but I took the opportunity to apply the same approach to filming some larger buildings to show how aerial video can work in promoting a business or businesses. This short video of a small rural business park demonstrates how an aerial view has an immediate visual impact, and can give a clear view of the scale and location of a site.

After so many weeks of poor weather, the conditions were glorious for filming with the drone, which of course always helps!